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Aw damn role players' Journal

Saturday, November 5, 2005


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Thursday, February 3, 2005

1:24PM - OOC Bye Bye

Well, this is my official bye bye post. I don't have any fancy goodbye message or any long, drawn-out excuse to give for leaving. I had a good 10-month run here. It was fun. Peace out, y'all. *waves*

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease Mother Fuckers,

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Sunday, January 30, 2005


scottmadden_luv .. this is me and Bryan's journal together.

Friday, January 28, 2005


So I see a few of you are leaving and that sucks.
But I would like to remind everyone...

RPG is just that, a role playing GAME. Please don't take it too personally. And don't let it stress you out.

My personal opinion is that you can only get bored if you let yourself get bored. Develope your storyline into something interesting and flippin do something with it. Of course you're gonna get bored if you just do the same things over and over again. Take your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids or whomever on vacation...or just come out clubbing with some of the other characters sometime. I have faith that all of you can make it interesting and not get bored as long as you have the motivation to do so.

As far as the drama goes...talk to one of the mods if its bothering you, but like I said, it's a GAME, so don't take it too seriously. Plus, sometimes drama happens and keeps people from getting bored. This rp is slightly based on real life (in the sense that in rp we have to eat, sleep, and shit just like in real life) and in real life shit happens...would we all wanna go around living our lives in a cookie cutter fashion?

Anyways, if you have anything you want to discuss, contact a mod for christ sakes.

And happy rping!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


We're looking for a fill in/replacement for Monet. And we might need another doctor.

Monday, January 10, 2005

2:46PM - just fyi's~>

I have at least ~3~ NEW roles up for grabs.

Anyone interested in hearing about them?

IM me or Email me please IF you are. Even if you're just a little curious.

Thanks guys!

Go visit bumpkin_daily


don't forget to go visit your land over at GJ.

Friday, January 7, 2005

11:23PM - off topic...

newbiexpromote ... Just wanted to share.

Monday, December 13, 2004

4:33PM - OOC

a friend of mine just let me know about this and i'm passing it on to everyone else, just because i know that it'll be useful to let you all know. this was also posted / passed around at must be pop, which is how she heard about it.

basically, aim is suspending aim names that are related to roleplaying, both celeb and pb, which really makes zero sense to me. i'm not sure how they're finding out everyone's screen names, but i guess they're either looking around at journals / posts, or people are reporting them. in order to stop them from getting your screen names, there are a few things you can do.

• make sure that all entries that mention your screen name ( in roleplaying journals, that is ) are FRIENDS ONLY. this prevents random trolls or 'spies' from looking at what they are.
• if you mod a community and have a directory that lists everyone's aim names, or they are listed anywhere, make sure that is friends only too. also make sure all posts with a buddylist are friends only, just because anyone could download it and get all of those names suspended at once.
• in your userinfo, if you have your aim name listed, make sure your preferences are set so that only your friends can see it. if you're not sure how to do it, then go here and scroll down a bit, past where you enter your interests and the journal title and the journal info and all that. there should be a selection: show your contact information on greatestjournal. check that box and then on the drop-down menu below, set the security to FRIENDS ONLY. if you still don't know what i mean, go here.
• also in your userinfo, pick "Block Robots/Spiders from indexing your journal" to make sure they still can't get to you. (thanks matt for that last one!)

[[I found this out at another community, so if your AIM name is being suspended, this is probably why]]

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

9:35AM - Official announcement

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

5:12PM - OOC

This is really stupid of me to ask but I'm desperate. I need ideas for my three year aniversary..I really need a gift.and soon. Its in 16 days..and I have no ideas. help me!

Tuesday, October 5, 2004


Saturday, October 2, 2004


I'd like to make it clear that I love David.

Wherever David may be, I love him.

I want him to come home. And if he was offended in anyway, I apologize. And if anyone else needs to apologize, I'd like him to come and tell me.


You've been around here too long David, to just give up now.

I'm sorry for whatever I did to upset you.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

10:15AM - A reminder

Make sure to have this uploaded and in your info, for those of you who already do not.

Thank you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

9:56AM - *Evaluations*

Read this HERE please if you did not read it at bumpkin_landCollapse )

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I dont know im just bored, someone talk to me.


:( I miss Lars.

Where IS Lars anyway?

Monday, September 13, 2004

8:42PM - I have an idea

anyone who hasn't ever IMed me yet, do it. so I can make sure you're on my list. if anyone wants to copy this, thats cool. its a good lazy way of getting everyone on your list. so please IM me.


7:16PM - OOC

Hi, peoples! I'm just informing you all that I may not be around for the next few days or maybe a week or so. My family is evacuating because of Hurricane Ivan and I will be going with them. So, I will be gone for a short while. Hopefully, when we return, my comp and everything else will still be here. So, don't replace me or anything if I'm gone for more than a week or so. So, anyway, yeah...that's it. Bye!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

3:39PM - Out of Character

Last night, halfway through a conversation with Star, I got a call on my cell phone from my mother. My grandfather passed away about twenty minutes before that. I'm still in shock. I was extremely close with him. and now he's gone. I am not dealing with my emotions very well. I might not be online for awhile, but then again I might be on later tonight. I still have a lot of homework that I need to do. I just wanted to let you guys know that I may be absent for awhile, or invisible. Sorry

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

2:18AM - Sean and Cyrus's Wedding!!!!

Incase you missed it...


YAY FOR WEDDINGS!!!!Collapse )

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